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2014 Home Improvement Resolutions

The New Year is upon us. What home improvement plans do you have for this year? Here’s some suggestions to help with managing and enjoying one of your most important assets.

  1. Repairs. This is a good starting point for any homeowner. Take care of the little issues before they become big issues or before they pile up and become overwhelming. If you’re already overwhelmed with repairs, then just tackle a little at a time. Prioritize and categorize the repairs based on different factors:
    1. Monetary risk- If the issue doesn’t get fixed soon, could it turn into a major expense down the road? In the Northwest, exterior water related problems can fall into this category. Look at some of our rot repair jobs to see how bad it can get.
    2. Aesthetic (Eyesore)- Does the problem affect your attitude? If you cringe every time you see the problem, then don’t ignore it. Likewise, if your neighbors are bothered then it should probably be addressed.
    3. Functional- Are you inconvenienced by the problem? Sometimes workarounds become habit and we don’t even realize we’re doing them. Simple fixes can often lead to easier living.
  2. Functional upgrades. Once the repairs are under control, think about what could add value to your home, while making it more enjoyable for you. Here’s a few examples:
    1. Hot water recirculating system- Tired of waiting for hot water? Simple solutions exist that solve this inconvenience.
    2. Additional lighting- If you find yourself straining to see, more light may be the answer.
    3. Storage- Do you find yourself tripping over boxes or toys? Get creative with storage. Think about unused areas in your house that could be utilized. Garage, crawlspace, under the stairs and attic are ideas. Opening a wall may reveal storage solutions.
    4. In-wall USB outlets- Affordable options exist for chargers that can replace or be added alongside electrical outlets.
  3. Aesthetic upgrades. Making your home more appealing to you and others not only adds value, but it can give you something to smile about.
    1. Paint- Whether it’s the whole house, one room or a wall, changing colors can have dramatic differences. If choosing paint is overwhelming, consider a color consultation from a designer. Often they only charge a small fee for this service and can provide a professional perspective.
    2. Dimmer switches- Mood lighting can help you decompress at the end of the day. Dimmer switches are also great when entertaining.
    3. New fixtures- Are your plumbing or lighting fixtures dated or worn? Start with one room at a time and look for options that are interesting, but won’t go out of style too soon.
    4. New millwork- Adding crown molding to a room can add visual interest. Replacing small baseboard with something taller can make the room feel bigger.
  4. Remodels. This is obviously where you can make the most difference in the value and livability of your home. The investment and inconvenience can be significant, but the results, when done right, are worth it. Which rooms should you remodel first?
    1. Kitchen- This gives you the most bang for the buck. You spend a huge amount of time in this space, plus when you sell, you’ll recover a lot of the remodeling cost.
    2. Master bath- This is typically the second most sought after upgrade in a home. It feels good to wake up to a custom bathroom every day.
    3. Powder room- In terms of cost and style points, the powder room can be the most flexible. Don’t be afraid to try out unique ideas.
    4. Basement- Need useable space in your home? Consider converting your basement to meet your needs. Entertainment spaces, bedrooms and utility rooms are a few ideas.


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