Company Values - It isn't jsut the way we do business, it is the way we live our lives.

The History of a Plumb Bob  –  Done to Spec’s Logo and Values

A Plumb Bob is a weight that is suspended from a string or plumb-line. It’s a tool that has been used since ancient times and is still used today. Without this little tool, the pyramids of Egypt would not have stood the test of time and the high spires of the world’s great cathedrals might have been crooked. The line created by a plumb bob gives us a perfectly vertical line, so builders all over the world can be sure that what they create is straight and vertical.

Done to Spec chose the plumb bob to represent our commitment to simplicity and exactness. It is also reflected in our daily values:

  • Act ethically and with integrity.
  • Always care about customers. Pay attention to their visions and needs.
  • Treat employees with respect and invest in their future with the company.
  • Support our vendors and partners to create win/win situations.
  • Give 100% effort.
  • Enjoy life and have fun.

“The plumb is a symbol of rectitude of conduct and inculcates that integrity of life and undeviating course of moral uprightness which can alone distinguish the good and just man. As the operative workman erects his temporal building with strict observance of that plumbline which will not permit him to deviate a hair’s breadth to the right or to the left, so the Speculative Mason, guided by the unerring principles of right and truth, inculcated in the symbolic teachings of the same implement, is steadfast in the pursuit of truth, neither bending beneath the frowns of adversity nor yielding to the seductions of prosperity.” Symbolical Masonry, by H.L. Haywood, [1923],