The owners of this home decided to convert their spa into a bedroom to help attract more buyers when they put it on the market. Shortly into the addition project, significant rot was discovered below the single pane windows. The scope grew significantly. The repair work was made more difficult given the fact that this room is three stories off the ground. Done to Spec performed all the repair and addition work, with the exception of the new carpet.

Day 1 with part of hot tub and deck removed.

addition demo

The first sign of rot after removing the interior cedar siding.

dry rot


Not much good wood on the outside corner.

exterior dry rot

Notice the lower deck as seen through the hole in the floor.

hole in floor




Windows removed.

window replacement





Down with the wall.

wall removal














 New wall and ceiling where the windows used to be. The new windows were re-purposed from the opposite wall.

framing and insulation















New closet. The re-purposed windows were previously located on the interior wall behind the closet.

new closet

 View from below. New OSB sheathing.

wall sheathing















View from below. Weatherproof wrap.

tyvek wrap

Finished bedroom closet. Doors and beam received stain and varnish.

finished closet













 New wall with re-purposed windows. Window trim was re-stained.

stained window trim

Finished bedroom entrance. We were able to reuse the door. Done to Spec contracted with a carpet supplier for the new floor.

 finished addition













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