This large home on Lake Sammamish had extensive water intrusion on three different areas of the house. The owner was preparing the house to sell when the inspector uncovered the potential issues. Done to Spec investigated further and found that the problems were much worse than originally thought. Lesson: pay attention to possible leaks in your home. Problem areas will only get worse if not addressed.

Before/during: Water intrusion on this corner wall of the family room compromised the integrity of the house and deck, located on the side of a hill. The 20′ high deck was supported from below, while framing and siding damaged by dry rot was replaced. Dry rot repair is important to preserving the integrity of the structure and for aesthetics. dry rot framing After: The family room was repaired and put back how it was. Done to Spec matched the stain and recoated the entire wall, which was ready for a new coat anyhow. finished rot repair exterior finished rot repair family room   Before: The downstairs bedroom was completely opened on the corner wall below the family room where the leak started. Affected framing, including headers, was replaced. repair in progress After: Much of the wood trim was salvaged in the downstairs bedroom, saving the homeowner an additional expense. finished downstairs repair After: Much of the deck trim boards were also replaced because of extreme warping. finished repair lower level   Before/during: A second water leak caused damage to this exterior wall in the den. dry rot repair den After: The den was returned to how it was, minus the leak. finished repair den   Before: A third water leak over the garage roof did damage to the ceiling and wall. Done to Spec removed siding and drywall to expose the damage in the ceiling and wall. garage dry rot repair After: Drywall and siding were replaced, then painted and stained to match existing colors. finished garage repair

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